Thursday, August 23, 2012


As I sit here at 25 James Street I reflect back to how busy a week it has been. Typically the beginning of the month is always hectic with tenants stopping in to pay their monthly storage bill and catch up on what has been going on. I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing all about their month.

Our location on 29 Flint Road in South Toms River has been especially busy this week. This is such a great location for outside parking. It is conveniently located to all of the major areas in Toms River, Beachwood, and surrounding areas. This week alone we rented 6 parking spots. I guess word has gotten out about our great rates and accessibility.

Another trend that I’m noticing here in Toms River is a some people are deciding to live on their boats especially during the summer months so they can enjoy the water full time. We have a number of tenants at our Flint St. location that store a lot of their belongings and have taken to the seafaring way of life. With all of the larger items from a home in a self storage unit, they can get to anything they need, but also live virtually clutter free, and when you’re living on a boat every bit of space matters.

 Over on 25 James we have so many long term tenants that rent in the area and just need that extra bit of space. They are in and out all of the time grabbing what they need for that weekend party, or bringing their off season clothes to store.  Christmas time is always busy with everyone coming to get their Christmas decorations and lights out of storage, excited to start decorating their homes for the holidays. We have a number of tenants that store all of their Christmas presents and goodies in their units so nobody can peek, and everyone will be excited Christmas morning.  I’m thinking we should change our name around the holidays from Storage Station to Santa Station.

The one thing that I have been really noticing is an increase in younger people who were living on their own, but have lost their job, or apartment. They are storing a lot of their furniture and moving back with Mom and Dad until they can get back on their feet. I meet so many well educated young adults and worry about their future. I have three grown children facing this challenge and it is not easy. Having said that I also see an enthusiasm, and a relish for life that can’t be extinguished by the challenges they face.  By renting a self storage unit they are able to hold on to all of the things that they have acquired while living on their own. Being a parent in this scenario, there is no way they are bringing all of that stuff home with them, so this is a win win situation. When they have re established themselves in the working world, their processions will be waiting for them, ready for their new place.

So, let the summer continue as beautiful as it has been. Down here in Toms River we are all enjoying the warm days, and flurry of activities that go along with it.  Through all of your summer travels please remember we are always here for your storage needs.