Friday, April 3, 2015


We all have a routine of sorts. It can most definitely vary from day to day dependent on ones schedule.

Depending on your work schedule you may  have a morning routine, mine always starts with coffee.

I truly love coffee and I get up early to have some before my day actually starts, it acts as a on switch to the brain to get things moving and more so if I have not had enough sleep. The early morning hours before the sun comes up is one of my favorite times of the day, you could consider it early and some actually consider it late if they happen to work an overnight shift, but I get many things done and organized with that coffee and the quiet, and if you have children of any age you know the extreme importance of that time, in all reality I have two such times of day, the early morning and the late night. They are both quiet in my neighborhood so it gives me a time to organize……… well, organize at night and by morning hope I’ve got it all together for the day to come with children most days there is always something that gets out of whack. If they are school age it could be possibly forgetting a clarinet for band practice…….. Yes I have had to do the complete circle in the morning to bring it back to school because my daughter realized it’s an A day and suddenly she needs it. I bought an erasable calendar that now sits by the door with said days on it….. A versus B that is……….. Every Monday she has Girl Scouts unless the weather is bad and with this past winter thankfully behind us we missed a number of meetings this year, unfortunately with the amount of activities kids these days have it’s not an easy make up for scouts, but that is definitely on the calendar as well. School events go on it as well so I have a reminder to send out text messages and reminder emails to all the family as to when the next concert is and there are a few school age kids in the family and in all different grade levels that there is always something going on………. Currently my parents have started using group messaging, I am most definitely not a fan, the only one that is a fan is my niece, she is currently a stay at home Mom and like my retired parents seem to have a little too much time on their hands, I have had to turn the sound off very often of late just to not get annoyed……. My sister, she has it worse….. She actually has to download each individual message so she just gave up…. Though I said she should go get her phone checked… never heard of that before and with my parents redecorating and sending pictures of fabric samples so often the phone at times just dingles nonstop…….. we are all very opinionated and all have varying tastes for sure, and having dinner with my parents just recently and actually seeing the fabric swatches first hand I realize my mom should only take the pictures in sunlight as to get a accurate color, what I thought was awful became my absolute favorite ……….. And the hideous looking rug picture she sent had a completely different color scheme to it, still not a fan but much better than the original. Now after going back and forth as to what is going in the upstairs living room and what is going in the office I did ask for a swatch of my own I do need to get my dining room chairs redone and the burnt orange would go fabulous with my slate stone table, the veins in the stone are almost identical, made my decision easy however my parents are still at it and I said to them to remember that we all do not live here every day and ultimately they have to love it, my mom gave me the look and I went to finish my laundry end of conversation LOL

However with children your routine can do a complete back flip at any moment. Take for instance an early release from school. This year we have had so many delays and early releases as well as school closings that they have taken days from the children’s spring break, some closings were completely unnecessary but as a parent you just have to amend your routine for the day. Today is just such a day, the school decided to release early which isn’t the kink in my day, it is the snow that has the second half of my day probably ruined to be honest. Here at Storage Station in Middletown New York we are just starting to see some snow, which does not really change my work routine it just pushes the time frame up. With the possibility of unsafe travel and my daughter getting out of school early everything has to be done hours before.  I knew this possibility at the start of my day but my eye doctor was running late which in turn made my morning routine change, I had to push off some errands so to get to Middletown just a little earlier so I can do what I need and also want to do at work before leaving for the day, I must also mention that it is Friday and I do not like to leave anything pending for Monday unless absolutely necessary, I have learned not to put things for they catch up with a vengeance and you wind up running around like a chicken in the pen being chased by a very hungry fox I like to start the week off with as little paperwork as possible, it frees me up to many other things and though it is part of the daily routine here I like to keep it at a minimum on a daily basis