Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow days

The past few weeks we have had an over abundance of snow days. My five-o-clock calls from the automated school system are almost a regular thing. Either we have a delay or we have a closing. Just yesterday I got the dreaded call, yes I say dreaded because by this point it is painful to reach for it and hear the message, we started with a two hour delay which I understood, the weather called for snow showers in the morning but clearing up pretty quickly by mid morning. Then as I am clearing the driveway yet again my neighbor who also happen to operate my day care hollers across the street to tell me that he got the call that school is closing…….

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Honestly I was speechless. I did ask if was sure and he gave me an extremely exasperated hand thrown up in the air and almost simultaneously we both said “WHY”? The roads we good by this point and no full blown storm on the radar so it really made absolutely no sense to close. I finished the driveway because one way or another I was most definitely going to work! I love a good snow day as do most of us but enough is enough. I had already emptied my DVR of all shows and really had no more snacks and no real desire to be stuck in the house yet another day. One good snow day a month is ok but when you have closings and delays at least two to three times a week it creates the stir crazies!! My drive to Middletown for the most part is an easy one if they clear the highway, and route 84 is a major so they are all over it, not to mention my facility in Middletown on Dolsontown Rd is a hop off the exit and directly off route 17 so it is smooth sailing on most days for me. Now the bridge that is a whole different boat and it’s really sink or swim since it’s under repair. Any major storm and I stay on my side. So with the driveway all clear I stomp back into the house and just moments after taking my boots off does the phone ring and of course Ms. Automated is telling me yet again that the schools will be closed due to inclement weather………..

Yeah whatever I say to nobody because it’s automated, which is probably a good thing with the mood I was now in. My daughter is now up and moving and asked about school so I let her know it’s closed and to my surprise she went into a full blown rant! The only thing I could do was just listen until she was done. She found it unbelievable that they would close school; didn’t I say that we weren’t to get much snow? If we aren’t getting much why are they closing? And if they take away her spring vacation she is going to flip out!!!
I explained it wasn’t my call but I am certainly in total agreement as to how she feels. Either way I have to figure out the where she is going to be so I can get to work. This wound up to be easy since I had already a text in my phone with it all figured out for me and I didn’t have to do a thing, now that was total relief, she loves her after school program but if there is a snow day they stay at the main site with the little kids and the older ones are not a fan anymore. Things change so drastically when they enter middle school, I am still adjusting and we are in the seventh grade, by the time I get it figured out she will be going to high school and here we go again………… :-/

Now I have to say as tell the rant story to my family and friends everyone is cracking up including me, I do not think my older daughter ever went into a tizzy about school closing, and her concern over spring break was over the top, we don’t have a vacation planed so am waiting to see what she throws at me, most definitely she is making plans or the rant would have been just a basic complaint
And at this point I really really really wanted to go to work………… did I mention how much I really did?

Now it’s a new month and I have a lot to do, and with last week’s weather interrupting my schedule I have to catch up on a few things, nothing that couldn’t wait but I really couldn’t wait at this point. I didn’t even mind the wise cracks from my out of state tenants, the ones in the sunny states are always the ones who just have to tell me it’s a balmy 79 degrees where they are, and knowing full well what it’s like here ask … how’s the weather? Though not one can get the question out without laughing and so I get to rant and laugh right along with them.

I have such a wide variety of tenants here at Storage Station in Middletown, from the five boroughs of New York to the West coast and all in between. Thing is I really like my job and the people I come in contact with on a daily basis, there is such a wide variety from all walks of life I learn something new every single day and even the one’s I have never met in person we have conversations about all things from family to recipes and we cover just about everything when they call in. Yet these extremely long winter month’s I can most definitely do without. Everything freezes so it’s all about salting and plowing and when will it ever end is most definitely part of every conversation, and now that it is February we are nearing the end so just about everyone is ready for warm weather and flip flops!! Talk to you soon