Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring Forward, But Don’t Trip

It seems like only yesterday that we were shoveling snow, warming up our cars before heading out to work, and praying for warm weather.  But wait, it was only yesterday???  With the crazy weather here in northern New Jersey, we haven’t know from one day to the next what Mother Nature as had in store for us.  Just last week on Monday, it was 61 degrees in the morning, only to be followed up by 31 degrees in the morning two days later.  While the threat of snow storms and blizzards has subsided for now, week-long rain storms and what seems like hurricane force winds are on the horizon.  Don’t be discouraged though, there is a light at the end of the wind tunnel.

As we dodge rain drops and tie down the patio furniture, many of us have started the yearly projects that we all look forward to each and every Spring.  As sunsets get later and later, and the temperature continues to rise, it’s time to get to all of those projects that the cold weather and snow have kept us from, and now our spare time is filled with mowing lawns, painting the fence, and various other things to help beautify out homes. 

One of the most common projects that most people are faced with is the annual Spring clean up.   The winter weather has thwarted our efforts to clean out the garage, and organize the basement.  Leaving for work in the dark and getting home in it as well always seems to take away the ambition to find a home for all of the Christmas decorations and the like.  Over the past few months, many of us have just piled items in the corner of every room we can find with free space, with porches and garages becoming make shift sheds and storage spaces, allowing us to put things out of sight and out of mind.  Each year as we try to dig ourselves out from under the piles of bags and stacks of boxes, we find ourselves saying the same things we said last spring, and the spring before that, and the spring before that, and the spring before that.  We curse under our breathe so the kids don’t hear us, and scream in our head as the box of Christmas ornaments just fell on the ground and we heard every one of them shatter.

We mutter to ourselves that there has got to be a better way than this.   We hate spending the first few weekends of our each Spring with the annual change over from snow blowers and shovels to patio furniture and fire pits.  Most of us spend many hours dragging items down into the basement or up into the attic, just to turn around and drag our warm weather items in the opposite direction and back outside.  For those of you who don’t know, snow blowers are more than a little bit heavy, so trying to drag that down into the basement is a guaranteed back buster.  It’s inevitable that we will drop something and break it, or while packing everything away last fall, we stacked items on the glass table top and the patio table now has a huge crack in it.  We spend half of our time climbing over boxes and tripping over items that we haven’t gotten a chance to put away yet, or that we just have no room for all together. 

With storage space in your home at a premium, find a place for a tool that you’re not going to use for a few months can be an exercise in futility.  We always try to put the snow blower and various other items used in the winter month, away in a place that we won’t have to move them multiple times to get at other items.  It never fails that just when you get the sleds, and plow tucked away in the back of the garage or wherever else you may keep them, you end up needing something directly behind them which involves taking everything out again just to get that one tool you forgot to take out. 

Insanity is the repeated completion of the same task with the expectation of different results.  How can we expect different results each Spring if we continue to do the same thing, year in and year out when it comes to our storage and organization of seasonal and household items.  To quote Susan Powter, a fitness guru from the 1990s, “Stop the Insanity”, and get a self storage unit.

Storage Station is a local self storage company, with multiple locations in Wayne, New Jersey, Toms River, New Jersey, West Milford, New Jersey, and Middletown, New York.  We specialize in providing you that little bit of extra space, or a lot of space depending upon your needs, that will allow you and your family jump off the hamster wheel and get out there to enjoy your Spring.  A self storage unit can be the answer to all of your storage and organizational problems, allowing you to stay organized and save time in your daily lives.  A weekend spending organizing basements and garages is a wasted weekend, and time spent putting boxes up in the attic will never be gotten back.  A self storage unit will allow you to minimize the time spent swapping out the lawn mower for the snow blower, and getting back to the things you really enjoy like taking the kids fishing or getting out there on the golf course. 

The items that are used a few weeks out of the year, or for one season, are exactly what self storage units are here to help with.  There’s no plausible reason to have to deal with Christmas decorations in mid July, other than the fact that you just have no place to store your items so you have to keep moving them around and find new homes for everything.  What could be better than a self storage unit, to hide away that horrible reminder of the brutal winter we just had, and get that snow blower out of the house.  With storage units in multiple sizes and access types, Storage Station can offer you as much, or as little, space as you need to tuck away that ugly sweater you got from crazy Aunt Margie till you see her next Christmas Eve.

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Self Storage in Wayne New Jersey
Self storage units are a great way to keeping this organized and out of site, just waiting for the next time you need grandmas Christmas dinner plates or your winter coat to shovel snow with the shovel that’s been tucked away for months.  Stop down at your local Storage Station and see how we can help you get off the hamster  wheel and on the path to enjoying fun in the sun.