Friday, September 28, 2012

The end of Summer

Well here it is another week has gone by and here I am going through the golden gates of Storage Station in South Toms River in NJ. Today as I make my rounds I release that this is the end of summer. What makes me think about it is the fact I see the leaves have started to fall off the trees.

WOW can you believes this where did summer go. We at Storage Station Stores in South Toms River and in Toms River  NJ  have been working hard this summer with the cleaning painting cutting grass and oh yes pulling those nasty weeds.

As I am working around I have a chance to talk to some of the tenants that are at their units today.

Most tenants are like I am trying to get the hang of it that summer is gone. Some tenants are happy because the end of summer means that their kids are back in school. Some of the tenants are now putting their summer things in the storage unit that they have rented and getting out the winter things.

Well for us in the South Toms River Store in NJ and Toms River Store in NJ have to start getting the things that we need for the up and coming winter months. We have to make sure that we have the shovels and also that we have enough salt ready. Make sure that the snow blower is ready.

Boy as I talk to a lot of tenants that come in to pay or stop by to sign and also the new tenants that are coming in to rent a unit or store a car or boat or an rv we all are wishing the same thing that we have a winter like the one we had in 2011 WOW would that be nice to see.

We at all the Storage Station Stores are happy because the summer has been good for us in an over all picture. The new list of rented units by the new tenants are up and all the summer work is just about done that we had listed to do.

I my self as a manager of the Storage Station Stores in South Toms River NJ and Toms River NJ am glad that fall is here. I like the nice fall weather for doing my outside work cool in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon. Fall weather also make it nice at home as to where we can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the cool weather and also enjoy that nice hot cup of coffee instead of the hot weather where the bugs come out and like to bit you and make you want to get up and go in the house.

WOW again it is hard to believe that summer is gone and fall is here. As I sit in the office and am Moving in a new tenant we can see outside that the wind has pick up and can see the leaves blowing around that have already fallen off the trees and bushes. After I got done with the new tenants and show them their unit  I made a stop at the maintenance shop to make sure that the rake for picking up the leaves was in good shape and that we had plenty of leaf bags to put the leaves in.

Well it is time to sign off until the next time so to all be safe in want you are doing and have a nice fall.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As the end of summer approaches

Back to school time, those of us with school age children, those of you without still feel the changes. Suddenly the isles in every store, no matter if it is a grocery store or along the lines of a CVS, are lined with bins of pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers… you name it every product closely related for kids and their supplies are everywhere. Even odd items like pillow pets make their way out front; personally my daughter does not need yet another pillow pet, as her room is vastly becoming a zoo. With the school year beginning it brings us into another season, the fall with its cool days and all the green changing into brilliant shades of gold, bronze and reds that are truly beautiful to see.

It also reminds us that once again things need to get re-organized. Maybe we bought extra outdoor furniture or  new lawn care items that are now in need of a space to store them, taking one look in your garage and moaning at the lack of space you hop online and search for local storage. We here at Storage Station know all too well what the change of seasons bring, I had one renter go back to college and let me know she will give me a call in the spring since she will be needing the space at the end of the semester. Most phone calls I receive inquiring about storage have mostly been the need for people to clear out the garage so they can actually put their car back in where it belongs.

I look at the squirrels running around my yard every morning so very busy collecting and digging in for the winter yet to come, we are the same way; as soon as the first chill hits us we are busy, no more lazy summer days poolside with a good book. In the beginning of the spring we gear up to take everything out of storage that has been hiding all winter long, we lovingly clean all the furniture, new propane tanks for the grill. I think because the weather is so nice and warm and we spend so much time outdoors we wind up with more stuff then we had planned, we are not locked in like we are in the winter time, in the winter we are more confined to interior spaces so we don’t necessarily buy as much in turn we don’t need more storage space, well at least in my house that is the case,

I have a simple kind of attitude toward things, which I am told I am lucky to have…. If I don’t need it I do not own it, if it doesn’t have a purpose or do something I do not own it.  I don’t want to have to find a spot to put it away, yes I like things simple. To simplify things my renters come to me for space, for all the things they do not use on a regular basis or even a seasonal basis, some trade one season for another here, others just for the winter. I have one who stores his motorcycle in a unit, he tells me it is ideal, we are gated ,fenced and lighted so he parks it covers it and is I don’t see him again until the spring smiling from ear to ear, when he is ready to break free once again and hit the road. TTYS

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As Summer Draws To An End

With Labor Day just around the corner, things are really bustling here on 25 James St. and 29 Flint Rd. in Toms River. Everyone is trying to cram in any last remaining fun in the sun before September comes and school starts. The roads are teeming with cars full of families headed to the beach, trying to enjoy the ocean before the temperatures start to dip. School shopping is in full force with every store offering unbelievable deals on anything from school supplies to back to school clothes. I also see the sad faces of the teenagers resigned to the fact that their carefree days of summer are coming to an end, and the little kids that are bursting with excitement and anticipation about all the great things that they will be doing in school. They all know that once September is here things go back to normal.

You see, living at the Jersey Shore to me is wonderful .  I love the fact that I can enjoy the Ocean, Barnegat Bay, and all of the other natural beauty of the area. There is a peaceful quiet that prevails for about nine months out of the year, then, WHAM!! Summer comes and everybody from every part of the state, as well as several other states invade our tiny area. Driving anywhere in town takes twice as long, and forget about the local businesses and vendors. They are buzzing with activity trying to keep up with the high demand for their product. You can’t blame those out of town folks.  We do have all of the amenities for summer fun and relaxation.  The local businesses also count on the additional revenue from the summer tourist season. This is the only way they can stay in business during the slower winter months.  Down this way it isn’t uncommon for your entire year to hinge on your earnings during the summer season. But, just the thought of getting back to normal is very thrilling to me. I am used to being first or second on line at WaWa, and this entire summer I averaged about tenth in line. Here I am on my way to work, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, and everyone else is wearing bathing suits and flip flops ready to have a great day on the beach. I would feel so jealous until I thought about who the lucky one really is! You see, they enjoy our beautiful area while it is crowded and congested, while we get to enjoy it all year round. This makes me feel better as I stand in that long line.

The one thing that I do miss once summer is gone is all of our tenants that use our facility for their summer fun. They store their jet skis, campers, and camping gear. Once summer is over they park for the winter, and start planning for their next summer adventure. We don’t see them often during the winter months. Every once in a while they will stop down to check their belongings and see if they OK.  They’ll stop in to chat and let us know what has been going on with them.

Well, good bye Summer! You were beautiful while you lasted, but for this Ocean County resident it will bring peace and quiet back into my small little town.