Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As the end of summer approaches

Back to school time, those of us with school age children, those of you without still feel the changes. Suddenly the isles in every store, no matter if it is a grocery store or along the lines of a CVS, are lined with bins of pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers… you name it every product closely related for kids and their supplies are everywhere. Even odd items like pillow pets make their way out front; personally my daughter does not need yet another pillow pet, as her room is vastly becoming a zoo. With the school year beginning it brings us into another season, the fall with its cool days and all the green changing into brilliant shades of gold, bronze and reds that are truly beautiful to see.

It also reminds us that once again things need to get re-organized. Maybe we bought extra outdoor furniture or  new lawn care items that are now in need of a space to store them, taking one look in your garage and moaning at the lack of space you hop online and search for local storage. We here at Storage Station know all too well what the change of seasons bring, I had one renter go back to college and let me know she will give me a call in the spring since she will be needing the space at the end of the semester. Most phone calls I receive inquiring about storage have mostly been the need for people to clear out the garage so they can actually put their car back in where it belongs.

I look at the squirrels running around my yard every morning so very busy collecting and digging in for the winter yet to come, we are the same way; as soon as the first chill hits us we are busy, no more lazy summer days poolside with a good book. In the beginning of the spring we gear up to take everything out of storage that has been hiding all winter long, we lovingly clean all the furniture, new propane tanks for the grill. I think because the weather is so nice and warm and we spend so much time outdoors we wind up with more stuff then we had planned, we are not locked in like we are in the winter time, in the winter we are more confined to interior spaces so we don’t necessarily buy as much in turn we don’t need more storage space, well at least in my house that is the case,

I have a simple kind of attitude toward things, which I am told I am lucky to have…. If I don’t need it I do not own it, if it doesn’t have a purpose or do something I do not own it.  I don’t want to have to find a spot to put it away, yes I like things simple. To simplify things my renters come to me for space, for all the things they do not use on a regular basis or even a seasonal basis, some trade one season for another here, others just for the winter. I have one who stores his motorcycle in a unit, he tells me it is ideal, we are gated ,fenced and lighted so he parks it covers it and is I don’t see him again until the spring smiling from ear to ear, when he is ready to break free once again and hit the road. TTYS

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