Friday, September 28, 2012

The end of Summer

Well here it is another week has gone by and here I am going through the golden gates of Storage Station in South Toms River in NJ. Today as I make my rounds I release that this is the end of summer. What makes me think about it is the fact I see the leaves have started to fall off the trees.

WOW can you believes this where did summer go. We at Storage Station Stores in South Toms River and in Toms River  NJ  have been working hard this summer with the cleaning painting cutting grass and oh yes pulling those nasty weeds.

As I am working around I have a chance to talk to some of the tenants that are at their units today.

Most tenants are like I am trying to get the hang of it that summer is gone. Some tenants are happy because the end of summer means that their kids are back in school. Some of the tenants are now putting their summer things in the storage unit that they have rented and getting out the winter things.

Well for us in the South Toms River Store in NJ and Toms River Store in NJ have to start getting the things that we need for the up and coming winter months. We have to make sure that we have the shovels and also that we have enough salt ready. Make sure that the snow blower is ready.

Boy as I talk to a lot of tenants that come in to pay or stop by to sign and also the new tenants that are coming in to rent a unit or store a car or boat or an rv we all are wishing the same thing that we have a winter like the one we had in 2011 WOW would that be nice to see.

We at all the Storage Station Stores are happy because the summer has been good for us in an over all picture. The new list of rented units by the new tenants are up and all the summer work is just about done that we had listed to do.

I my self as a manager of the Storage Station Stores in South Toms River NJ and Toms River NJ am glad that fall is here. I like the nice fall weather for doing my outside work cool in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon. Fall weather also make it nice at home as to where we can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the cool weather and also enjoy that nice hot cup of coffee instead of the hot weather where the bugs come out and like to bit you and make you want to get up and go in the house.

WOW again it is hard to believe that summer is gone and fall is here. As I sit in the office and am Moving in a new tenant we can see outside that the wind has pick up and can see the leaves blowing around that have already fallen off the trees and bushes. After I got done with the new tenants and show them their unit  I made a stop at the maintenance shop to make sure that the rake for picking up the leaves was in good shape and that we had plenty of leaf bags to put the leaves in.

Well it is time to sign off until the next time so to all be safe in want you are doing and have a nice fall.

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