Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Social Media

As I fumble in my pocketbook for my reading glasses, I say a little curse under my breath. If it wasn’t for text messaging and Facebook I would never know what is going on in my children’s’ lives, but all that typing on a tiny keyboard is exhausting to me. I could find out everything that I need to know if they would just pick up the phone and talk to me for 2 minutes. Instead they choose to take 20 minutes typing back and forth. If that’s not bad enough, then I have to figure out what ttyl, lmao and all of the other acronyms they throw at me really mean.  It’s hard enough when you get to my age to keep up with the normal without throwing all of this technology into the mix. I have to be honest though, if it wasn’t for my kids I would still be in a technology time warp not knowing what was going on. Over the past couple of years I have really noticed a growing gap in the social skills of the young adults compared to the middle age people, myself included. A face to face conversation with the younger group is becoming harder and harder to come by. It’s all done by email, text, instant messenger, Skype and the variety of other methods out there today.

Working in the Self Storage business you would think that I wouldn’t encounter any social media  problems, but you would be surprised. As our clientele becomes younger and younger we’re getting more and more requests for rate information, or reservations for our parking spots, or storage units via the internet. I had one gentleman tell me he found us on Facebook, and decided to stop in and rent a 10 X 10 unit with us because we were nice enough to friend him, and if I had a nickel for every time someone  told me  that they googled us, I would have a lot of nickels. Storage Station has always embraced new technology, and social media outlets making it easier for you the consumer to find us on the web.

Our website,  is easy to navigate, and is chock full of information about our company as well as useful storage information. It also lists all of our locations in New Jersey and New York so you can easily find the facility that suits your needs. Not able to find what you are looking for? We are only a mouse click away, ready to answer any of your questions or concerns via email, or phone. Even though we welcome new technology, we still embrace the traditional ways of doing business. Good old fashioned face to face contact, and also personal phone calls. We are never to busy to help any of our tenants with what ever they need to make their stay with us a pleasant experience. Many of our new tenants are friends and family from our past clientele. When you like what you do and treat your customers right, word gets around!

So as I get back to my texting, a part of me longs for the good old days before all of this confusing technology, but a larger part of me tries to embrace it all so that even though we are all from different generations, we can still stay connected, and when you think about it, that’s all that really matters!

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