Friday, November 21, 2014

The Calm before the Storms, Storage Station, West Milford, New Jersey

Life here at Storage Station at 11 White Road and 1867 Greenwood Lake Turnpike in West Milford, New Jersey has been hopping!  People are returning their RV’s and campers to their assigned parking spots or renting a new space for the season and getting them closed-up nice and tight for the winter ahead.  The classic cars shows are almost done for the season and the cars will soon be put to bed in their units to wait until Spring arrives again so they can be enjoyed and shared with the world.  Tenants have been coming and going switching their summer goods for their cold weather items. I have seen them putting away patio furniture, lawn decorations and other summer time accessories. The staff has been busy cleaning up after the beautiful and bright colors of the fall leaves that happen every fall. With the cooler temperatures now we all have thoughts of another winter coming soon. 

Self Storage Blog After the ravages of Sandy hit here in the Northern part of New Jersey, many people were forced to re-evaluate how and where they stored their  items.  Many basements were flooded; stand-alone sheds were demolished by downed trees or blown away by the sheer force of the winds.  Peoples’ lives were affected by more than the loss of power and lack of gasoline. I cannot believe it has been two years since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and left its mark with a large amount of damage that affected a many of us in one way or another. Thinking back I remember that being an extremely busy time for us here at Storage Station. For many days we ran several of our locations without power to assist those who needed our self storage services because their homes or business received damages with the extreme flooding and the high winds. With all the damage we received through our areas we had also lost power for days and some areas for weeks making the clean up and travel extremely difficult. I look back and remember seeing so much damage with down trees and debris everywhere I went while traveling from one site to another checking the properties for damage or flooding. I had done this as soon as soon as the state of emergency had been lifted and it was safe to travel again on the roads but even then it was difficult because of large trees blocking road ways. It took a very long time for roads to become clear because of the large amount of trees that were down. In some areas they would not remove the whole tree but instead there would be an effort of individuals who need to at least be able to get through that they would make the road passable in order to do so. It was awesome to see so many residents working together at this time of need. It was also heartbreaking to see and hear about the amount of damage Hurricane Sandy left in its wake. As I went from one location to another and hearing the residents in the areas talk about either their experience and loss or what they had see my heart would break because so many families had to relocate because of their large loss. I don’t believe any of us who experienced this storm will ever forget Hurricane Sandy.

And the affects of last winter’s storms are still fresh on peoples’ minds.  How much snow will we get this year? If I clean out the garage can I park in it? Should I buy a snow blower?   Should we invest in a generator?  How much power do we really need?  Just the mention of bad weather sends throngs of people to the supermarkets and home stores to hoard whatever they think they might need. It was difficult to even find salt because there became a shortage because we would only of a few days between each storm. The large mounds of snow just kept growing and growing and we never thought it would never stop or melt away. Many of us like the snow but I believe almost all of us became exhausted with the large amount and the many storms that we had. I hope this winter there are a few less storms and not such a large amount of snow.

We here at Storage Station are here to help customers figure out what options better suit their needs.  How many items are they storing?  What sizes are the items they are putting into the self-storage unit?  Will the customer need climate control to better suit the items stored?  If they are storing a  car, do we have the drive-up capability available for them?  Do they need packing boxes, bubble wrap, tape or special boxes for special items such as lamps, hanging clothes, or Grandma’s china?

Now that you’ve bought all the necessary tools, salt, calcium, shovels, etc. that you will need for the coming winter months, where do you put all the things that are currently blocking your way in the shed?  Or in the basement or garage?  A self-storage unit is a great and convenient idea.  We can help you find the right size, space and means of storing your things so they are easily obtainable anytime you may need them.  No more struggling to get to the back of the shed or garage only to find that the item you need is still in the attic! 

At Storage Station we stock an array of box sizes, special sized boxes, plastic covers in various sizes, locks, moving blankets and more!  We are here to help you make the transition from cluttered rooms, space or even in emergency we you are in need of self storage so please do not hesitate to contact anyone of our 6 locations throughout New Jersey and New York. If you need further information please feel free to contact 973-846-4637 or 973-846-4402 and a knowledgeable and helpful Storage Station associate will be more than happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on trying to meet all your self storage needs.

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